Sharing the unspoken rules that have taken him from the ghetto streets to executive suites, Pimpin’ Ken shows how readers can pimp their whole lives and get. 21 Jun PIMPOLOGY: THE 48 LAWS OF THE GAME. Here are the 48 Laws of Pimping from Pimpin’ Ken: 1. Purse First, Ass Last 2. Get a Name in a. Table of Contents for Pimpology: the 48 laws of the game / by Pimpin’ Ken with Karen Hunter, available from the Library of Congress.

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In every situation, there is a pimp and a ho. Roseanne is doing a live podcast with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. There are lessons to be learned in this work.

Sep 28, Mike rated it really liked it. Dec 13, Caiti rated it did not like it.

Every chapter or “law” begins with an example from “The Life” i. One of the biggest disappoints about the book for me is that it doesn’t offer anything more than surface insight into the pimping mentality. You must seem a paragon of civility and efficiency: You are probably going to sell a 48 laws of pimping more oimping.

No one likes feeling stupider than the next person. This book actually has some very crucial information that would benefit a lot of people in the business world.

Knowing about your rival is critical. People tend to act the way they look, so make sure you look like a winner.

Appearing vulgar 48 laws of pimping common will make people disrespect you. To be valued, the key is not to give, but to receive – the more, 48 laws of pimping better. Act like a king and be treated like one: He also gives a first hand glimpse into the lives of pimps living i I never thought I’d pick up or read a book with this title, but the trailer for the book on YouTube intrigued me. They are opportunistic slave owners. All these lifestyle guides say essentially the same thing.

Pimpin Ken I seriously read this book in less than two hours.

Pimpology: The 48 Laws of the Game

This book certainly didn’t deliver that. I am always interested in the empirical knowledge of people in all walks of life. Dissent built this country. Pimpin’ Ken tries to pass off his book saying 48 laws of pimping life there are pimps and hos – people who do the controlling and those who are controlled.

Open Preview See a Problem? He has produced a movie and is out there in mainstream media. Famous friends rally around Demi Lovato after apparent overdose. I picked 48 laws of pimping this book because I had great interest in understanding how a pimp gains power over another person to the point that they make them do anything they ask. Every chapter, or law, fit nicely into two pages, which 48 laws of pimping this a quick and easy read.

So difficult for me to get through. Pimp the Game Law 8: I myself, found it mediocre at best.

Pimpology: The 48 Laws of the Game by Pimpin’ Ken

If you are not a pimp or a ho, you should read this anyway, just so you know when somebody is trying to sweat you. Pimps 48 laws of pimping Born, Not Sworn Law 1: To master someone completely, they have to depend on you for everything. It has good advice in it and is competently written, but has nothing that hasn’t been explained in more 48 laws of pimping elsewhere.

Be a jerk, do it cleverly and crush your enemies. Jul 22, Michelle von Knorring rated it did not like it. Give Motivation and Inspiration Law Don’t know much about pimpometry He touches on everything from money management, people skills, self-development, and branding in a very down to earth way. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Jul 24, Daniel 48 laws of pimping rated it did not like it. Pimpology is just about pimping, it applies to life at large.