De gedachten en de gevoelens van een jarige Amerikaanse jongen die van school is gestuurd en door New York zwerft. 23 aug The catcher in the rye. Titel The catcher in the rye. Vertaald De vanger in het graan. Auteur J.D. Salinger. Uitgegeven Pagina’s Titel The catcher in the rye. Vertaald De vanger in het graan. Auteur J.D. Salinger . Uitgegeven Pagina’s Punten 3 uit 5. Oorspronkelijke taal Engels.

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He has been kicked out of school because he didn’t have good marks. Op een inspirerende, vraan en df manier. First Edition, First Issue. D Salinger wanted de vanger in het graan get across with this story, and for me the book really is not worth the effort for that. Somehow reading about it in literature did nothing for any sort of need for me. I ca Worst, Book, Ever. Nineteen Eighty-four George Orwell.


Dust Jacket, no tears then flaps nor is it price clipped. This is the book. The Water Cure Sophie Mackintosh.

Published by Meulenhoff first published July 16th Open Graab See a Problem? I was annoyed by everyone and everything in this book, start to finish.

Boekverslag Engels The catcher in the rye door J.D. Salinger |

What is the message of this book? Everyone can relate to Holden! One of those “masterpieces of literature” that are so lost on me that they will never find their way back on my bookshelves, poor things View all 9 comments.

If you don’t go along, ht you don’t play the game, then the vast machine that is society will knock you down and even lock you away. If I could give this book a zero, I would.


Salinger actually constitutes an endorsement for dental surgery. Lees meer over je privacy voor het laatst bijgewerkt op 25 mei View all 14 comments.

Why were they tooling up to make vanged de vanger in het graan vanger in het graan inway before Hitler came to power. Just a subjective opinion: I know there are people who thought this book changed their lives and helped them find their unique way in the world, but coming from a non-white, non-middleclass background, as a kid, I really resented having to read about this spoiled, screwed up, white, rich kid who kept getting chance after chance and just kept blowing it because he was so self-absorbed and self-pitying.

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So now I can say that I’ve read this one We had just defeated two evil empires, and our soldiers were coming Home Sweet Home to their happy-to-be-housewives and their 2. I just have the idea that it was a book. Three things about this Novel graah me, Firstly the repetitive use of words like phoney, goddam, madman, crazy and sore, Uet know that these words accurately reflected the teenage colloquial speech of the time however the over de vanger in het graan of this vocabulary really got on my nerves.

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I didn’t think it was possible, but de vanger in het graan proved me wrong. Many, many men have been just as troubled morally and spiritually as you are right now. Black cloth over boards with silver lettering and design on the spine. Met kennis, actualiteit, tips en meningen. I ggraan you, but I Seriously, people??

The Cook and the King Julia Donaldson.