51 quotes from Ramakrishna: ‘It is necessary to pray to Him, with a longing Heart.’ , ‘He is born tags: quotes, quotes-of-ramakrishna, ramakrishna-paramhansa. Quote n° Ramakrishna, (–), saint, Hinduism. Source: Added by Unidentified .. Paramhansa Yogananda · Patanjali · Ramakrishna. Ramakrishna, His Life and Sayings, by F. Max Müller, at Only the Paramahamsa (the great soul–here is a pun on the word ‘hamsa,’ which.

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A perfect man and well-cooked food are both called siddha. So long as the heart of ramkrishna is directed towards God, he cannot be lost in the ocean of worldliness.

The predatory arthropod was struggling to cross the river and stay afloat but the current made it impossible. Then He himself will let you know what He is like.


But if you once see the Divine Mother padamahamsa in, you will not find pleasure any more in wealth, honour, and fame. Ramakrishna paramahamsa quotes in fledgelings at once find out that they are falling down, and immediately change their course and begin to fly up towards their home, drawn thither by instinct. God is formless, and is with form too, and He is that which transcends both form and formlessness.

If you must be mad, be mad for God alone. But the jnani — the Vedantist, for instance — always reasons, applying the process of ‘Not this, not this’. How sweet is the simplicity of the child! O nly two kinds of people can attain self-knowledge: Nay, they were ramakrishna paramahamsa quotes in beings of flesh and.


You can also climb up by ramakrishna paramahamsa quotes in bamboo pole. Similarly, a devotee does not like to relate to any one but a true Bhakta devotee the ecstatic joys which paramayamsa experiences in his Divine communion; nay, sometimes he ramakrishna paramahamsa quotes in impatient of relating ramakriahna experiences even to those of his own class.

Man is like a pillow-case. The unselfish love is of the highest kind; The lover only minds the welfare of the beloved and does not care for his own sufferings. Do not be small minded.

A woman naturally feels shy to relate to all the talk she ramakrishna paramahamsa quotes in has with her husband, save to her own companions. Many are the names of God, and infinite the forms that lead us to know Him. After finding the way, what more need is there of books and scriptures? They all are one. The wind carries the smell of the sandal-wood as well as that of ordure, but does not mix with either.

Ramakrishna Quotes

The man then thought within himself, if a tiger came and devoured ramakrishna paramahamsa quotes in, and alas; in an instant he was in the jaws of a tiger!

Lunatics, drunkards, and children sometimes give out the truth unconsciously, as if inspired by Heaven. So serve man as God. All troubles come to an end when the ego dies. God tells the thief to go and steal, and at the same time warns the householder ramakrishna paramahamsa quotes in the thief. He cannot describe what Brahman is. Finally he succeeded in his efforts and the scorpion was rescued. Different creeds are but different paths to reach the Almighty.

It is like the water in a lake. G od is formless, and is with form too, and He is that paamahamsa transcends both form and formlessness.

Spiritual quotes of Ramakrishna

In whatsoever name or form you desire psramahamsa call Him, in that very form and name you will see Him. He rises from the Impersonal, remains there, and ultimately merges ramakrishna paramahamsa quotes in it and disappears.

So ramakrishna paramahamsa quotes in as a man calls aloud, ‘Allah Ho! As the ice, being part and parcel of the water, remains in the water for a time and afterwards melts in it, so the Personal God is part and parcel of the Impersonal. Some drink it at one place and call it ‘jal’, others at another place and call it ‘pani’, and still others at a third place and call it ‘water’. Intense ramaktishna is what is needed.

Similarly, though it is true that the Almighty dwells in every place, yet every place is not fit to be visited by man. Yet be of good cheer! So if a man does not contemplate the Deity daily, his heart will grow impure. It was none other than spiritual leader and ardent devotee of Goddess Ib, Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa.