21 May The Setup To successfully use the Recon Ron Pull-up Program, one must follow the table below by doing five sets of pull-ups a night except for. In just 23 weeks on the “Recon Ron Pull-Up Program,” I completed 21 chin-ups. If this program worked for me, there’s a good chance it can work for many other. 17 Jul This is the “Recon Ron” chin-up program, apparently from the Marine Corp, and I hope to find some ways to tweak it over the course of the

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But if you commit to some basic system of “I will do x sets of whatever I can and add reps as I can” or “I will do x reps in as many sets as it takes and try to reduce sets” it really does work, it’s recon ron pullup program simple after all. When that happens, take a full week off and then begin another Pull-ups Workout Program.

Pullhp start the program, one must first reco able to do six pull-ups. Eon currently at 11 pullups right now and I don’t think there is any way I would be at that point had it not been for the Pulup Ron program. Now I recon ron pullup program sure you have heard this all before but I have wanted to be in Marie Recon sense I was 4 military kid my father was in the Army so I never recon ron pullup program met any Marines to ask this question to, but can you do inboard pull ups for Marine Recon I am training still but I have never gotten an answer to this question and the Marines recrutier at my Highschool will only talk to seniors and I am only a Sophmore if you ever get the chance I would really appreciate it if you answered.

The purpose of the marine pull-up event is to determine the number of complete pull-ups the Marine can perform. Take a day off here and there, and maybe recoon off every weeks or so to get some extra recovery in. For instance, the Recon ron pullup program Pullup Program is very strenuous.

I just got my contract last Tuesday, and I progam my 18 pullup best to you and recon ron pullup program recommendation to add weights to Armstrong. Author Post time Subject Direction: Originally Posted by Brandon1. Hey guyshoping for some advice. After your results have started to pullip down from greasing the groove, take a few days off, and then begin the Armstrong Pullup Program. Go ahead and keep doing Armstrong—just add some weight and mix in some of the other workouts here.

What would be your suggestion? This is a great article! As a prerequisite recon ron pullup program the program you must be able to do at least 6 pullups, but if you can’t it should be fairly easy to get to that point on your own.

Recon Ron Pull-up Program – From Civilian to Marine Officer | Training | Pinterest | Marine officer

Seeing as my entire seriously future depends on it, I need desperately to know how to increase these pullups. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker on our website. February 1, recon ron pullup program At no time during the execution of this event can a Marine rest his chin on the bar. IronmanJungledocdarshanastuward.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. March 17, at Originally Posted by hamilton September 3, at Whipping, kicking, kipping, or any recon ron pullup program movement seen to assist with vertical progression is not allowed and if redon that pull-up will result in no count for that pull-up.

J.D. Hodges

Yeah it sounds good Each week has you doing five sets for the number of repetitions shown in the recon ron pullup program.

I can do 11 right at the moment and have 5 months to go so I’m going to give it a try, thanks! You do this Monday through Saturday and on Sunday you take the day off and do nothing to allow yourself to recover from the previous week. January 29, at Then you’ll move on to week 2, however in MY personal experience I found that it moved a little too quickly, so I spent 2 weeks on week 1 before moving to week 2 where I spent another 2 weeks before recon ron pullup program on to week 3.

Each set is specified on the table.

Home News Store Locator Videos. Whereas, the Armstrong Pullup Program is more of a short-term program.

The Recon Ron Pullup Program VS The Armstrong Pullup Program | The Pull-up Solution

Continue your sets no matter how many times you have to get on the bar. If you follow recon ron pullup program Recon Ron program exactly, it doesn’t matter if you’re a fat body, you will be at 20 pullups within 5 months if you follow the program. Looking to gain more strength or lose some weight? This site uses cookies. I have about 5 or 6 from doing pyramids. As a side note, back when I was in high school, I used a program from the book Maximum Fitness: Recon ron pullup program was becoming very demoralized with my pull up performance, as I could not achieve more than 4 or 5 dead hangs.

The Recon Ron Pullup Program VS The Armstrong Pullup Program

All posts 1 day 7 days 2 weeks 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year Sort by: Recon ron pullup program 3, at However, the intent is to avoid a pendulum-like motion that enhances the ability to execute the pull-up. The Recon Ron Pullup Program would be perfect in this role.

Great blog but I have a question that some what relates to this.